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Fruit Muesli Salad


This is my usual cereal breakfast from today with Avocado, Fruits, Seeds (Pine Tree, Pumpkin), Almond Organic Swiss Muesli, Flex seed Oil, and Freshly Squeezed Lemon with Millet/Quinoa or Almond Milk.

Great for the whole family, especially to my little Benjamin (2,5yrs). He just loves it! It has everything you need to start your day energized, with all the essential nutrients including minerals, vitamins. And this is all raw and vegan. What else do you need?

"Being a vegan, an alkalizer and most of the time a raw foodist I find myself very energetic and light on my heavy daily routine (I have a very active lifestyle as a fitness trainer and yogi).  I developed and experimented a perfect diet & lifestyle for myself which is very simple and effective to get the right nutrients and energy level for my body, mind and spirit. You need to deal with food holistically just as with everything in life.  

People tend to forget what the purpose of eating is. It is definitely not only about pleasure and satisfaction. In fact the reason we eat is to get the necessary energy the body requires on a daily basis. Living foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, beans, sprouts) are our God given fuel for the body. And as you know the body is the Temple of our Soul so make sure to keep it clean and purified with the right nutrition and hydration (1liter water for every 20 kgs) every day, not just nice in a while. These pics are for YOU to see and get some inspiration about how easy to prepare your healthy and delicious vegan food. I believe in prevention and I believe in the words of Hippocrates (B.C. 460-370) who said that "You are what you eat" and "Let food be thy medicine & let thy medicine be food".  

As a personal trainer I work with overweight people on a daily basis and I always say that having an active lifestyle is not enough. 80% of your weightloss success determined by the food you eat, and the fluid you drink.  

If you want to lose weight get energized, get rid of your carvings for sugar and book yourself in for a on to one alkalizing nutrition consultation."

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Balazs Heller has been working as an inspirational speaker, life coach, yoga teacher and personal trainer with people from all walks of life. Balazs is the co-founding director of JungleSpirit Centre, Malta's 1st holistic centre in San Gwann. His main focus and passion is to share his knowledge and experience on how to find and fulfill our mission in life and how to live our live according to the Mind-Body-Spirit connection which can provide ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

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