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Weightloss Seminar

Fresh air...Breathtaking Scenery... Revolutionairy Fitness program with the Hungarian ex-gymnast champion!

 ( has revolutanized the fitness industry with his NEW holistic approach of Mind-Body-Spirit workout program, called 'Back to Nature Fitness', which combines the core elements of Yoga, Circuit Training, Toning, Gymnastics, Cardio exercises and silent meditation. ATTENTION! After trying out the program you might want to quit your gym.


'Back to Nature Fitness' is a 90 minute holistic workout program with a combination of cardio (running on rough surface) + toning (circuit training with stones) + yoga (streching) + gymnastics strengthening (work with your own bodyweight) + silent meditation on the beach guided by Balazs Heller yogi, fitness trainer and ex-Hungarian gymnastics champion. Balazs main intention with his program is to make you feel good while challenging you under the sun beside the sea. Balazs believes that nature is a healing power which gives us the energy, gets us reconnected to our higher self while making your body fit, energized, flexible and released from stress while exercising outdoor. Clases are on Sundays from 9.30am to 11pm.


The Back to Nature Fitness program is for anyone who want to get strong, energized, fit and balanced. If you want to work on your strenght, stamina, flexibility and at the same time loose weight, detox, and get rid of stress, anger, fears, blockages then this program is for you. It is suitable for all fitness levels, as Balazs gives sevaral work-out options suitable to each individual's fitness level. The main objective of the program is to get you connected to the nature and to your inner-self through a revitalizing but at the same time challenging fitness program. All you need to bring is a bottle of water and a towel. We meet at JungleSpirit Holistic Centre at 9.15am and from there we go together to Balazs' favourite open workout space in Pembroke.


Balazs' whole life is about sport since age of 6. He was a professional gymnast for 13 years, trained with the Hungarian Gymnastics Squad. He was national gymnastics champion for 6 consequtive years and placed 13th on the Junior World Championship. After his first yoga class he became addicted to the holistic approach of exercising and in 2009 he won the European Yoga Asana Championship organized by Bikram Choudhury. Balazs is a qualified yoga instructor, personal fitness trainer, certified life coach, Reiki practitioner, inspirational speaker and alkalizing vegan-raw-foodist. He is the co-founding director of JungleSpirit Holistic Centre (, Malta's first Mind-Body-Spirit centre where he teaches Yoga, Bootcamp, Salsa classes, meditation and self-development seminars. Balazs lives in San Gwann with his wife and his 2,5 year old son, Benjamin. He loves Nature, Spirituality, People and to Make a Better World.


Please confirm your attendance by texting your full name, email address and mobile number to 9999 1844 or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Fees: For first timers it is a free class, otherwise drop in fee: 7,50 euros, 10 session card: 65 euros which can be used for Balazs' other classes (Fit Yoga, Bootcamp, Salsa) he teached at JungleSpirit Centre in San Gwann. JungleSpirit combined membership cards can be used for this program. For more information or one to one training contact Balazs on 9999 1844.

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Balazs Heller has been working as an inspirational speaker, life coach, yoga teacher and personal trainer with people from all walks of life. Balazs is the co-founding director of JungleSpirit Centre, Malta's 1st holistic centre in San Gwann. His main focus and passion is to share his knowledge and experience on how to find and fulfill our mission in life and how to live our live according to the Mind-Body-Spirit connection which can provide ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

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