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The Naked Food Talk

Having troubles with keeping your optimal weight? You are addicted to food, carving for sugar? You want to eat healthy but neither diets nor hyper-super supplements work? We are told what to eat to be healthy but everybody sais something different. What is the Truth?


The Naked Food Talk gives you the Naked Truth about how to eat healthy, what to eat, what to buy, how to preapare your food. The seminar includes food tasting, facts on what the human body needs to keep it healthy and energetic.

1. Content

The following topics will be discussed:
- Big Fat Lies you should be aware of
- Essential Nutrients for the Human Body
- Vegetarianism, Veganism, Raw Foodism
- Alkaline forming Foods and the pH balance of the Body
- Hydration
- Overweight, Eating disorders
- High net-gain nutrition
- Staple Foods
- Supplements
- Food prepaaration tips
- Lifestyle tips

2. About the Speaker:

Balazs Heller has been working as a life coach, inspirational speaker, fitness trainer and FitYoga instructor with people from all walks of life. His ultimate mission is to create lifetime connection between the Mind, Body and Spirit. He is the co-founding director of the JungleSpirit Holistic Centre (, Malta's first Mind-Body-Spirit centre.

Balazs is passionate about healthy food since his childhood as he was a professional gymnast for 13 years and he was always testing on himself all kinds of diets to reach his peak performance with the help of right nutrition. He was national gymnastics champion of Hungary for six years and in 2009 he won the European Yoga Asana Champion title. His professional sport career and the yogi lifestyle has set him up for an amazing journey of self-discovery. His holistic approach helps his clients to bring their life to new heights by developing the energy and self-belief to change.

As an inspirational speaker Balazs gives self-development courses, food talks, seminars, meditation sessions and workshops to companies, athletes, and organizations. Beside his food talk he gives two famous life changing seminars in Malta: 'Finding Your Way' and 'Wellbeing from Inside Out' seminars, which give practical tools and wisdom to create lifetime harmony and balance of Mind-Body-Spirit .

Balazs' passion is to guide people through a holistic transformation. He takes people on a journey of self-realization to meet to their true self and to fulfill their life on each level of Mind, Body and Spirit. Balazs lives in Malta with his wife, Karin and his son, Benjamin. You can follow Balazs' blog for daily inspiration here:

3. Fees and Payment

Seminar fee: 23 euros. Tickets are available at JungleSpirit Centre ( In order to reserve your place prepayment is necessary. Payment options: cash and cheque. Booking: 9999 1844.


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Balazs Heller has been working as an inspirational speaker, life coach, yoga teacher and personal trainer with people from all walks of life. Balazs is the co-founding director of JungleSpirit Centre, Malta's 1st holistic centre in San Gwann. His main focus and passion is to share his knowledge and experience on how to find and fulfill our mission in life and how to live our live according to the Mind-Body-Spirit connection which can provide ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

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Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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